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GAME NAME: Tiki Balls | PLAYED: 3,148
INFORMATION: Tiki Has Angered The Gods By Disturbing The Resting Place Of Kai-n-Tiku-Aba. Now Tane Has Attached A Terrible Cursed Mask To His Face. There Is Only One Way To Remove The Mask And That Is To Unlock The Four Maoi Runes And Combine Their Magical Powers. Unlock The Runes Using The Powers Of Your Tikiball. Depending Its Color, It Will Be Able To Destroy Blocks And Absorb Other Balls. Complete The Levels And Get Closer To A Curse Free Life.
CONTROLS: Get Your Tikiball To The Exit (black Hole With Green Helix). You Can Control The Direction Of Your Tikiball By Having It Bounce Of A Deflector Field. Draw This Deflector Field Using Your Mouse. Destroy As Much Blocks As You Can Before You Enter The Exit. Your Tikiball Can Switch Between A Black And White Color. Press Space Or Up To Switch. When It's White, It Can Destroy Black Blocks And When It's Black It Can Destroy White Blocks. Blocks May Need Several Hits To Be Destroyed.
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